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CIA: The Contagious Influencers of America Podcast. Meet the Gamechangers, the Influencers and those who are not afraid to show up with a shovel if that's what it takes to move a mountain. Go inside the minds of true American trailblazers who are making a difference by sharing their stories of personal triumph, overcoming obstacles, defeating fear, fighting addiction, and rejecting failure. Hosted by 9-time Emmy winner David Sams with TV personality Victoria Robinson and life coach to the stars, Tim Storey. Produced by Contagious Audio Networks.

Nov 15, 2019

New York Times best-selling author Max Lucado has written over 100 books and his latest, "How Happiness Happens" reveals how to find lasting joy in a world of comparison, disappointment and unmet expectations. With clinical depression on the rise and only 1 out of 3 Americans saying they are happy, Max admits even he needs an attitude adjustment at times! Is the pursuit of happiness on the decline? Hosted by 9-time Emmy winner David Sams and TV personality Victoria Robinson. Photo courtesy